Insulation keeps your home warm in the winter and it’s also responsible for cooling your home in the summer. That’s right, fellow Floridians – insulation prevents your home from collecting too much heat by allowing the cool air from your air conditioner to circulate properly. How much insulation you need will vary depending on where you live, but there are a few symptoms to be aware of.

If you encounter any of the four symptoms listed below, there’s a good chance you have a poorly insulated home.

  1. My AC is constantly running.

The purpose of your home’s insulation is to keep the temperature of your home perfectly balanced every day, no matter the season. Setting your air conditioner on AUTO allows it to turn on only when necessary, resulting in less energy used. Avoid setting your air conditioner to ON unless you’re willing to change your AC filter often and are prepared to pay much higher energy bills! If your home just doesn’t feel cold enough unless the fan is constantly running, this is a strong sign that your home could be lacking insulation.

  1. Our energy bill continues to rise.

Few of us are lucky enough to experience decreasing energy bills, so the least we can hope for is that they remain relatively the same. It can be hard to tell when you’re actually using more energy, but if you get an inkling this could be the case – it’s worth checking out. The best way to verify rising energy usage is by comparing the same month from a previous year. In other words, go month by month, checking last year’s energy usage compared to this years to identify any huge increases.

Keep in mind, as your home experiences settling, the insulation may shift over time, becoming less effective. If you notice a growing trend and can’t think of anything to explain it, poor insulation may be the cause.

  1. The rooms have varying temperatures.

When a home is properly insulated, the temperature of air will remain consistent from room to room. If a tour of your home takes you from one freezing cold room to another room verging on sauna-status, this is a clear indication of an insulation problem.

  1. We’re seeing vermin.

The same cracks and crevices that bugs use to enter and exit your home are the very same openings that allow air inside your home to escape outdoors. You can resolve both issues with additional insulation.

A poorly insulated home causes damage to your home and your wallet. Time will only make the problem worse, not better. If you suspect your home has been poorly insulated, turn to your trustworthy HVAC specialists for further advice. Call Hinton AC at (813) 924-3836 or contact us online.