We’re pretty lucky with the weather in Florida. Our subtropical area is the reason we experience so many sunny days and relatively mild winters. While some of the locals seem impervious to the cold temperatures brought about during winter, most Floridians are at least tempted to switch their thermostats on for warmth. If you find yourself using your heating system more often than you like, there are a few things you can do about it. We suggest you start with these five tips.

#1: Warm up yourself, and your home.
This may sound like an obvious option, yet it’s the simplest way to save energy during the winter. A cozy sweater and pair of fuzzy socks can provide you with immediate warmth, and at no additional cost. In terms of your home, consider keeping an extra blanket in your main living area or perhaps adding a rug on top of your tile floor.

#2: Use the sunshine.
Sunshine is a natural source of heat that should be taken advantage of whenever possible! Take a few moments each morning to release the shades of all windows facing south. Once the sun sets, close the windows back up. This simple habit is a means of retaining the level of heat inside your home.

#3: Don’t overlook ceiling fans.
Not only can ceiling fans be used to cool a room, they can also warm it up! Fans that rotate counter-clockwise are ideal for pushing hot air up to the ceiling. When switched to move clockwise, your ceiling fan will push hot air downwards, trapping it closer to the floor. Keep the speed on low for full effectiveness.

#4: Replace old weatherstripping.
Most types of weatherstripping only last a few years before requiring replacement. If you can see light coming through the space between your door and the frame, it’s time to swap out your weatherstripping. There are many types of weatherstripping available such as foam, metal, vinyl and felt. The one you choose should be based on the location of where it will be applied.

#5: Invest in a programmable thermostat.
While traditional thermostats have always been self-adjustable, the modern variety often offers additional programming capabilities. A programmable thermostat gives you advance control over the temperature of your home. The thermostat you choose determines it’s programming features. Some thermostats are even smart enough to learn from your daily habits. Just make sure the thermostat you desire is compatible with your HVAC system before attempting to install it.

If the above tips are not making a big enough difference in your winter energy savings, our HVAC experts are here to help! Reach a member of the Hinton AC repair Brandon staff by calling (813) 924-3836.