There’s an awful lot that goes into maintaining your HVAC system. But it’s all necessary to keep your air conditioner working safely and at optimal capacity! Here’s what you can expect from Hinton AC and Refrigeration during your HVAC maintenance appointment.

  1. Check system controls.

This step ensures your HVAC system is functioning as it should be. We check that your system turn on and off without any issue as well as the overall operation of the unit itself.

  1. Inspect condensate drain.

Clogged drain lines are a common reason why your air conditioner isn’t working. A small clog can easily become major blockage with the potential to cause water damage within your home.  As such, we thoroughly inspect your drain lines for debris and leaks.

  1. Inspect electrical elements.

When one electrical part become defective, it has the ability to affect others near it. Not only does this cause problems with your air conditioner, it can also be a major safety issue. Our team inspects all electrical elements and also measures the voltage of all motors.

  1. Lubricate moving pieces.

Your HVAC system requires certain parts to move in order for it to function properly. As these pieces rub together repeatedly, they lose the lubricant which allows for a smoother movement. The additional resistance from a lack of lubricant cause your air conditioner to work harder.

  1. Cleaning evaporator coils.

When your AC coils are covered with grime, it reduces the overall effectiveness of your system. Not only does it cause your system to run longer, it also decreases the life expectancy of your air conditioner. Since these coils are difficult to reach, a professional cleaning is recommended.

  1. Examine refrigerant levels.

Your HVAC system requires a particular level of refrigerant to operate correctly. Having too little refrigerant results in a less efficient air conditioner. Too much refrigerant is a waste of your hard-earned money. We make sure your system has the perfect amount of refrigerant.

  1. Cleanse blower assembly.

Since the blower affects air movement, it has a lot to do with the level of comfort you feel when your air conditioner is on. We cleanse the blower motor, wheel and covering to create the ideal air flow for your home.

These are just a few of the air conditioning maintenance tasks on the Hinton AC and Refrigeration checklist!

At home, one of the easiest and most helpful tasks you can perform is air filter maintenance. Most disposable air filters should be replaced monthly. HEPA filters work a little differently, often lasting for several months before needing to be changed out. Reusable air filters should be cleaned also be cleaned monthly. All it takes is a thorough rinse with cool water, until you’ve removed all of the dirt. Allow it to dry before returning it to your air conditioner.

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