While the HVAC system in your home quits working, you may be tempted to ask for help immediately. Before calling in the professionals at Hinton AC, see if you can save yourself a bit of money by resolving your HVAC troubles on your own. Many air conditioning problems can be solved using the knowledge from this blog post along with a few household tools.

Examine the electrical panel.
If your central air conditioner won’t even turn on, there’s a good chance it’s caused by a tripped circuit breaker or a burnt fuse. Sometimes the breaker is damaged and requires replacement. As long as you take the proper safety precautions, replacing a circuit breaker is a relatively simple task that any homeowner can perform.

Another reason your AC may have stopped working is because of an overloaded circuit. A quick way to resolve an overloaded circuit is to disconnect unnecessary electrical devices, thereby reducing the electrical load being carried. A more permanent solution is to upgrade the amperage of your circuit breakers. This involves electrical rewiring which should be performed by a qualified expert.

A more serious cause of your HVAC malfunction may be due to a short circuit. This is a harder issue to diagnose because there are many ways it can manifest. If you believe a short circuit is to blame for your AC issues, you’re better off calling in the professionals at Hinton AC.

Check your thermostat.
First, ensure your thermostat is set to cool with a temperature reading at least three degrees below your current climate. Next, verify that the fan function reads “auto” instead of “on”. When your fan is “on” the constant motion of the fan makes it difficult to remove excess humidity from the air. This is a major problem for areas with high humidity such as Florida. In addition to working less efficiently to remove moisture, running your AC fan endlessly will undoubtedly result in higher energy bills.

If your thermostat won’t even turn on, it could simply be due to dead batteries. If this is the case, be sure to turn off the power before attempting to swap in new batteries. After you remove the thermostat cover, you can also check the wires inside, making certain they are securely fastened. After replacing the thermostat cover, wait five minutes before turning the power back on.

If you’ve gone through this troubleshooting list, but nothing has worked to get your air conditioner running again – the professionals at Hinton AC will be ready to step in! Call (813) 924-3836 to schedule your HVAC appointment, or send us a message through our contact form.