It’s summer. It’s hot out and you’re relying on your air conditioner to be blowing cold air, but for some reason it’s just not doing the trick. You could call a repair man to come out and take a look or you could just buy a new window unit, but either of those solutions are going to be costly. Before you take either of those steps, instead consider some of the more common reasons why your air conditioner might not be cooling.

Believe it or not, but the biggest reason your air conditioner might not be performing is down to the settings. It might be something as simple as the thermostat being set too high. The first step to check is to make sure that you have the dial set to a reasonably cool level—certainly cooler than inside. It’s possible you may have bumped the thermostat installing it, or someone in your household may have decided they’re too cold for the current settings, but whatever the reason, if your unit isn’t set to a cool enough setting, your unit won’t do its job. Check this first before you throw away good money.

Another common problem is the filter. A clogged filter can mean that your unit is working too hard to make air pass through it, which lowers its efficiency. Checking your filter is a quick and easy process that will only run you the cost of a new filter. Additionally, some window units come with removeable filters that you can check for dust and dander, clean, and replace, which only costs you time instead of money. If it’s either of these, your problem can be fixed in no time at all.

One further suggestion is to check your unit for outside obstructions to airflow. This can come in the form of grass clippings, dirt, physical blockage from the plants in your garden, animal nests, or any other outside interference. Just like with a dirty or clogged filter, these obstructions can wreak havoc with your Brandon air conditioner’s ability to move the warm air out of your house and cool the air inside.

No matter if it’s these issues or any other issue, checking simple things on your own can be an important step in the process of cooling your house. Once you’ve eliminated everything else you can check on your own, it might be time to give Hinton a call to check everything else. Our friendly staff is available to help you with this and all your other HVAC needs.