I’m willing to bet that there’s one room in your home that’s always too hot, while another is always too cold. In the summer, this means running your Brandon AC unit to cool down that hot room, while in the winter, your furnace has to do extra work to heat up that cold room. This isn’t uncommon, but can result in energy usage that it atypical for a home your size. What can you do? It may be time to consider controlling your comfort with a zoning system.

A zoning system works by dividing your house into sections, or “zones,” each of which is controlled by its own thermostat. Through the use of the thermostat, your zoning system controls the comfort level of each room by sensing the temperature and communicating with your HVAC system to heat or cool each zone as necessary.

Not only does a zoning system allow you to control your comfort in each area of your home, it can also save you money—in some cases as much as 30% of your energy costs. How does this work? It’s simple, really. By redirecting energy to zones where you need it and diverting it from zones where you don’t, you’re able to reduce the amount of energy that you’re using, sometimes drastically.

The savings can come from more than just reducing the amount of energy you use, however. By switching to a zoning system, you can potentially reduce the size of the HVAC system that your home needs. A smaller system is not only cheaper to install, it also costs less to maintain and run on average. In addition to this, zoning systems also allow your HVAC unit to move air more efficiently, which can in turn increase the life of your system overall.

There are a lot of benefits to switching to a zoning system: from easily controlled comfort to energy savings and cost savings, this kind of HVAC system is sure to help you and your home be the best place you can make it. Consider talking to the friendly professionals at Hinton if you’re interested in looking into this kind of heating and cooling system.