When it comes to our homes, we waste a lot of money by wasting energy. It may seem like a fairly simple thing to be aware of your lights and which appliances we leave plugged in—after all, even things that are switched off can sometimes draw power—but the problem may go deeper than you think. When trying to determine how energy efficient your home is, or just trying to improve your energy efficiency, there are some very simple, yet easily overlooked, things to think about.

Interestingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, one of the easiest ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency is to check out your roof’s insulation. If your home has poor roof insulation, you may lose as much as a quarter of your heat through it. If your insulation is old, or if you don’t have any, replacing or installing some is a highly recommended step in improving how energy efficient your home is.

Another step that you can take to improve the energy efficiency of your home can also be an aesthetic improvement as well. One of the most frequently inefficient things about your home can also be one of the most frequently seen and talked about. We’re talking, of course, about your windows. If your house was constructed a long time ago and never updated, chances are that you’re losing a lot of heat through your windows. Simply upgrading to a more modern window will not only increase your energy efficiency, but can make any older home look much closer to modern

A final suggestion to increase your home’s energy efficiency is to make your house generate its own energy! It’s currently a bit more pricey than our other suggestions, but your house will definitely use less billable energy if you consider installing solar panels on your roof. While adding a decently-sized system of solar panels to your roof can cost as much as $25,000, many companies that install solar offer financing to make it more affordable, and, on top of that, the US government also offers a tax credit for up to 30% of installation costs. In the long run, though, no matter how you look at it, installing solar panels can only end up saving you money by lowering your electricity bills.

If you’re still concerned about the energy efficiency of your home, there are plenty of other things that you can do to check it out, but considering these steps, from inexpensive to relatively costly, are great ideas to consider. For more information please contact us or visit our website http://www.hintonac.com.