Knowing what to expect from a Tampa home inspection will help you understand the benefits while making you aware of the limitations. Keep reading to maximize the power of your home inspection.

Home inspectors are generalists.

Think of your home inspector as a Jack (or Jill) of all trades. A qualified inspector will have a solid understanding of each major process of a home along with the skill required to spot signs of potential problems. When such a problem is noticed during your Tampa home inspection, your inspector will bring it to your attention. All problems are logged in your home inspection report.

When a significant problem is detected, your home inspector will likely advise you to speak with a specialized professional such as a plumber, electrician, or roofer.

Home inspectors can only report on what’s visible.

Obviously, your inspector cannot see the parts that are completely concealed within your home. More importantly, your inspector is limited by accessibility to all areas of your property. If certain parts of your home are locked, blocked or too dangerous to enter – please understand that an inspector will be unable to inspect that portion of your home. Therefore, it’s wise to take care of these issues before scheduling a home inspection.

Home inspectors are not looking for code violations.

A home inspector lacks the expertise required to accurately identify and report on code violations. This is a specialized role which requires current and continual knowledge surrounding current building codes.

If you have questions about whether or not your home is up to code, please contact a private building inspector. You can also try contacting the local building inspector employed through the city or county you reside within.

Home inspectors are not perfect.

At Radiance Property Inspection, we stand behind the work of our home inspectors. That’s why we offer a 90-day Limited Structural and Mechanical Warranty.

However, no one is perfect. Sometimes mistakes happen. If you feel an error was made during your Tampa home inspection, the first step is always to contact your inspector. He or she should be willing to discuss your concern and resolve the issue.

Hopefully, the above advice has helped to clear up any previous misunderstandings about home inspections. Should you have any additional questions, please call (813) 839-8416.