Uneven home cooling is a common complaint we hear at Hinton AC and Refrigeration, and for good reason! When spending your hard-earned dollars on a new air conditioner, it’s only fair to expect that it works properly. When it doesn’t, it can be massively frustrating. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it.

Start with these five fixes to solve your uneven home cooling.

#1 – Adjust your air vents.

Go room to room, checking behind furniture to make sure no vents are being blocked. Next, identify your air vents and start experimenting with the air flow. If the second floor gets warm while the first floor stays cool, try closing a few of the vents on the first floor. This may help better distribute air flow on the second floor.

As you move through your home, make sure to assess the cleanliness of each air vent. Most vents are held up by screws, and can easily be removed with a screwdriver for cleaning. Just remember to put it back on!

#2 – Turn the AC fan on.

For most situations, we suggest you leave your air conditioner fan set to “automatic”. However, when you’re experiencing uneven air distribution, it may be worth the extra energy expense to leave your fan set to “on”. This setting keeps the fan running even after the system has stopped cooling the air.

#3 – Inspect your air ducts.

Leaks, rips and tears are known to happen often in air ducts. These teeny tiny issues can result in massive damage when left unresolved. In the short term, you’ll experience less efficient cooling. Meanwhile, your HVAC system is working even harder than necessary in an attempt to correct the issue on its own. If you wait too long to fix this issue, the damage may be irreparable.

#4 – Increase attic insulation.

When you lack adequate insulation, we can easily tell. That’s because the amount and type of insulation in your attic determines how comfortable your home feels. Both of these factors help to achieve optimal heating and cooling temperatures within your home. It’s also an incredible way to increase your home’s overall energy efficiency.

#5 – Install a zone system.

A zoned air conditioning system is another way to deal with inefficient air temperature. Though it is an investment, it also gives you complete control over temperatures on a specific floor or in a particular room, depending on how the zones are set up. If you’re interested in a zoned system, seek the advice of Hinton AC and Refrigeration! We’ll go through your property, and recommend the ideal number of zones to best fit your needs.

While you may feel comfortable attempting a few of these solutions on your own, others are best left to the HVAC professionals. For questions or to schedule an appointment, call (813) 924-3836.