Chances are that part of your AC unit is outside right now. Indeed, this is generally part of the design: moving cooler air into your home and pushing the hot air outside is how most AC units work. But, rest assured, no matter what the weather is, chances are you won’t have to call an AC repair specialist in Brandon FL. Sure, you can add some protection if you’d like, but chances are that you’ll end up doing more harm than good unless you use the right materials.

Your AC unit does have parts that are sensitive to moisture, but most of those parts are sealed safely where standard rain and accumulation from the unit itself can’t really do damage that would require a visit from a Brandon, FL repair man. That said, if your unit is in an area that’s prone to flooding more than a foot deep, it’s safest to cut the power to your AC unit at the breaker and schedule an inspection with a local Brandon, FL AC repair service at your next opportunity.

A bigger concern with storms than water is that of airborne debris. One trick to avoiding the hassle that might be created because of this is to do a pass around your yard and remove any debris that might become airborne. Usually, any damage to the outside of your unit is going to be cosmetic, but it never hurts to have it looked at by a professional to confirm.

In the case where you want a little extra external protection, your AC unit’s manufacturer might offer a custom cover that you can install. These covers are specifically designed to add protection to your unit without compromising its ability to move warm air, which is something that DIY covers can’t guarantee. Even worse are plywood and plastic covers, which can block vents and contribute to early wear on the unit’s parts.

The biggest danger your AC unit can face from a storm doesn’t come from precipitation, however. No, the real danger comes from power surges. While your AC unit is likely too big to plug into a surge protector, you could consider a whole-home surge protection system to safeguard your house as a whole.