Not every office or apartment comes equipped with central air, and some places are just incompatible with window units and ductless air conditioning. What can you do in those situations, when it’s hot and all your normal options are just not cutting it? The only solution might be portable air conditioning.

There are lots of things to consider when you’re looking into portable air conditioning. On average, portable air conditioners tend to be more expensive than their window unit counterparts, and as such might not be the best option for the financially conscious when other units will work. A good portable air conditioner will run, on average, about a hundred dollars more expensive than a window unit, so keep that in mind when making your choice.

Where portable air conditioning really shines, though is in, well, portability. Because it’s portable, it’s easier to set up and remove than a standard window-mounted unit. No need to worry about lugging a heavy unit up from your basement or down from your attic in the heat, just so you can cool off.

Portable air conditioning units are also generally easier to maintain, due to the fact that they’re smaller and easier to manipulate. But while portable air conditioning does have some advantages, they tend to have some disadvantages in their design as well. Most notable is the fact that portable air conditioners work by moving the warm air outside through a hose. While this is effective, and is a variation on the method that window units use, it also has the disadvantage of radiating heat into the room you’re cooling through the hose before it can be pushed outside completely. It’s a loss of efficiency, and it’s something to take into consideration.

Similarly, one of the ways a window unit works is by keeping it’s hot parts outside of the room it’s trying to cool, but with a portable air conditioner, the hot and the cool parts are in the same room. So, if you have other options, it’s recommended that you check those out, but if you have a small space to cool for a short amount of time, or if you have a space that can’t be cooled by other means, check out a portable air conditioner! If Still having issues please contact us for ac repair Brandon.