No question about it, when temperatures rise, you need an AC unit you can count on. But sometimes, when you call for AC repair in Brandon, FL, the cause is as simple as a dirty filter. You know you’re supposed to change or clean the filter on a schedule, but sometimes the filter gets dirty ahead of its time. Below are a few things that might speed up your cleaning schedule.

If you own a quality AC unit, chances are you’ve looked around Brandon, FL, for a good repair company, only to have them tell you the problem is your filter. Well, believe it or not, one of the leading causes of a dirty filter is animal fur. If you have a lot of pets (or just particularly furry ones), this can definitely add to the problem. Setting a schedule for regular grooming and vacuuming regularly can help fix this problem.

Most AC units have two settings—”auto” and “on.” Leaving your AC unit on the “on” setting all the time can diminish your filter’s life as well. The longer your AC runs, the more dirt and debris get collected on the filter. Not only can this dirty your filter, it also will run up your energy costs. Similarly, even when your AC unit is set to “auto,” extreme temperatures can cause your AC unit to run basically non-stop, having the same effect. If the temperatures are high, consider setting your thermostat just a few degrees warmer.

Next time your Brandon, FL AC Repair technician stops by to inspect your HVAC unit, ask them about the MERV rating on your filter. If your filter is getting clogged faster than what seems normal, you may have a filter with a high MERV rating, which means that it traps more and smaller particles. The upside to this is that the air in your home will be fresher, but it comes at a cost. Having a filter with a high MERV rating means that it will cause your HVAC fan systems to work harder, increasing wear and tear on those parts of the system, energy costs will be higher, and filters are more expensive and will need to be replaced more often.

Whatever the cause of the wear and tear on your HVAC system, making sure that you keep it clean will help it to last. If you do need help, be sure to reach out to Hinton for all your AC repair needs in Brandon, FL.