Summer is hot, for sure, but what can make it worse is humidity. Humidity makes the air cling to you, can make it seem like you’re swimming through the everyday air, and generally just makes things feel hotter, especially in the home. When cooling your home, it’s just as important to take into account the level of humidity, as that can make all the difference in feeling cool and comfortable. Here are a few suggestions for cheap, simple ways that you can reduce humidity around your home.

Humidity is caused by moisture saturating the air around you. It’s important to find a balance, as air that is too dry can be just as uncomfortable as air that is too humid. Some experts suggest that a humidity in the range of 30-50% is ideal, as anything below that can feel like a desert, and anything above that can feel sticky. One simple thing to do to limit the cause of humidity is check your pipes. A leaky water pipe can add unnecessary moisture to the air from evaporation. There are other reasons to do so, but definitely be sure to check your pipes for leaks and fix them before they become a problem.

Pipes are also a possible source of humidity for another reason: condensation. Both cold and hot water pipes can collect condensation and redeposit it into your air through evaporation. A simple, cost effective way to deal with this problem is to insulate your pipes. A simple solution would be to buy pool noodles and duct tape, which you can then cut, bend, and piece together to cover any problematic pipes you might find. The pool noodles can be secured with duct tape, if necessary.

A third possible solution to this problem can come from your air conditioning. Some air conditioners come with “dry” settings that serve to remove moisture from the air, but not cool. It might seem counterproductive when it comes to handling heat as well as humidity, but running your air conditioner in “dry” mode, even for a little while, can drastically reduce the amount of moisture in the air and help your space feel more comfortable.

These are only a few possible solutions—many more exist. If you need help figuring out your moisture problem, look no further than the friendly professionals at Hinton for more possible solutions. For more information please contact us at