It’s the middle of the summer. What could be more important for your comfort than a working air conditioner. Maybe you have a window unit, but it’s not blowing cold air like it used to. What can you do when the air is moving, but isn’t cool? Here’s some ways how you can fix your air conditioner not cooling.

When your air conditioner is not cooling, figuring out how to fix it can be difficult to do. One of the first things you can try is cleaning out the air filter. Most window units have a removable air filter that captures dirt, dust, and dander. Sometimes the easiest fix can be to turn off your unit, locate and remove the filter, clean it thoroughly, then replace it.

How do you fix your air conditioner when it’s not cooling and it’s not the air filter? Another simple fix could be cleaning off your cooling coils. The cooling coils are an important part of the unit that transfer the warm air from the inside to the outside. When those are dirty, the job becomes much more difficult for your AC unit to do.

Another simple fix for when your AC unit isn’t cooling properly could be to check where your unit is situated on the outside of your house. Your AC unit works, in part, by blowing the hot air out of your house, and if there are obstructions, it could be blowing hot air back into your house. Make sure the area around your AC unit is open, and that could really help fix the problem.

Sometimes, though, the problem can’t really be fixed. It’s in these unfortunate scenarios, which could be caused by a broken condenser, or a refrigerant leak, that your best bet might be to replace your AC unit. When something drastic happens to your Brandon air conditioning, it can become difficult or impossible to fix without professional help. In these instances, it’s often more cost effective to just buy a new one. If that time comes, why not talk to the professionals at Hinton for a new unit.